Post-Conviction Remedies
Sealing & Expungement, Pardon & Clemency


My practice focuses on upholding those rights as I guide my clients through the legal process and our court systems, challenging those who seek to infringe those rights and asserting my clients' rights when justice demands. Every situation is unique. Every person has the right to have their story told. Let me tell your story. Let me be your voice.

Appellate Law
Criminal & Civil Appeals

What I Do

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Civil Rights and Litigation
Personal Injury, Landlord & Tenant, Discrimination, Administrative, and Constitutional Law


The world is a messy place: people get in trouble; people get hurt; people get their rights trampled on by others who either don't know, don't care, or just want to get ahead however they can regardless of the cost. This is why I do what I do - to right the wrongs, to bring justice, and to hold those who would ignore the rules accountable.

People matter. People's rights matter. The justice and court system can be confusing and scary. Don't let yourself get lost in the process.  Talk to a qualified attorney who can hold your hand and guide you through the process to get the justice you deserve.

I practice primarily in the areas of Criminal Defense Law, Appellate Law, Juvenile Law, and Civil Rights & Litigation. Whether you have been accused of a crime; injured or harmed; are seeking to restore your civil rights; or, need to exercise your civil rights to protect everything you have worked so hard for, call me to see how I can help.


Juvenile Law
Delinquency, and Abuse/Neglect/Dependency

Criminal Defense Law
Felony, Misdemeanor, OVI, & Traffic Tickets